NVG Daily Rental

Yours for
1 - 28 days
Typical cost
£25 day
With you
Next day


Here's how it works:

Specialising in various types of vehicle leasing services, Northern Vehicles Group can offer you our NVG Daily Rental programme, enabling you to lease a vehicle on a daily basis.

Our NVG Daily Rental is the perfect solution if you need a vehicle quickly, of a specific size, but you’re not too concerned about the make or model.

Immediate access allows you to collect the vehicle on the same day as your enquiry and our plan’s flexibility means you can bring it back whenever you’re finished. We will only charge you for the days you’ve used the vehicle.

Added benefits of this plan include insurance that can be provided (subject to terms) if required. Not only that but NVG Daily Rental can also assist if you’ve been refused finance elsewhere; all we’ll need from you is a credit card for your hire charges and rental deposit.

The service has been great, from initial interest through to delivery, our needs have been catered for and we have a vehicle that is ideal for us under terms that suit the business.

A. Melbourne / BMW X5 - December 2016