Contract Hire

How quick can I take delivery of a vehicle?

Vehicles are supplied brand new, so it could be available at the dealer, at a port or still awaiting a build slot at the factory.  We’ll always provide a best guess delivery date at time of order, but of course this can change and isn’t guaranteed.  We can, of course, provide a temporary vehicle from our Rental or discounted FlexiLease fleet.

What selection of vehicles are available?

Pretty much everything and anything, from small hatches to the most expensive performance vehicles – subject to status, of course.

Can we select any vehicle?

Yes and you can personally spec it up as much or as little as you like.

What is the minimum and maximum contracted term?

Typically two to four years, and between 10,000 and 30,000 miles per annum.

Can we select a vehicle colour?

Yes – you’ll get the exact colour you order.

I have poor credit; can you assist?

It will depend on lots of things, but if we are unable to provide a longer term contract hire, you may very qualify for our MiniLease or FlexiLease products.

My business is only six months old; can you help?

Yes, we will always try and provide a vehicle wherever we can

As I’m keeping the vehicle for longer, is it cheaper?

Yes, the rate is typically far cheaper as you’re committing to a longer term.

How do we pay?

The initial payment is taken by debit or credit card on the day of vehicle hire.  This includes the first month’s rental and a document fee of £125.00 + VAT (there is no deposit).  On each monthly anniversary, an additional payment is made by direct debit until the conclusion of the contracted term.

What happens if I bring the vehicle back early?

You are contracted to a fixed term (i.e. 6 or 12 months).  In return for committing, you receive a very discountable rental rate.  Bringing the vehicle back early is possible, but early termination charges may apply.

What will I need to hire a vehicle?

You need to complete a business or personal application form (available here).  Your application will be submitted to the appropriate funder for approval. Once you are approved, you’ll be asked to confirm by signing an order and your vehicle will be secured.

Can I take the vehicle abroad?

Of course, but only with prior agreement as we have to arrange continental breakdown and insurance cover.

Can you provide insurance?

Unfortunately, no.

Do you also lease vans?

Yes – we supply vans nationally and believe our Contract Hire rates are hard to beat.

We are a company and often hire cars and vans; can we apply for an account facility?

Yes, of course.

Do you deliver?

Yes, nationally but charges may apply.