Are You A New Business?

As an independent fleet funding specialist, we understand the frustrations directors have when trying to secure vehicle funding for a new business (under two years) - we know it is not an easy task! As market-leading specialists in this field, we will consider applications for all limited companies old and new, even those with no filed accounts or negative balance sheets- everything we do is centred around common sense.

Typically, all vehicles are brand new and are supplied to companies for a variety of reasons;

  • Probationary Staff
  • Seasonal Directors’ Vehicles
  • Short Term Employment Contracts
  • Crisis Response Events
  • Delays To Factory Orders
  • Unable To Pass Mainstream Commercial Finance 

Our Promise;

  • To provide you with a lending decision the same day you apply (unless supporting documents are required)
  • We will apply commercial common sense when reviewing all applications.
  • To have your brand new vehicle delivered (fee payable) within 10/14 days.

Unless otherwise agreed, for all ‘Commercial Agreements’, it is Northern Vehicles Group LTD / NVG policy to request a ‘Personal Guarantee’. This is usually from the director of the company. The guarantee is typically only enforced if the company fails to pay its monthly payment, there are any excess mileage charges, fees relating to PCN’s, damage and any other fees incurred during the term.


You could not get a better company to work with than NVG - Grant and his team are an absolute joy to work with - be straight with them, and you will get the same back!

Elite Bliss
Mercedes GLC Coupe - Feb 2020

The process was quick and simple, I found out that my application was accepted within 24 hours, paid my refundable deposit and within 3 weeks I had a new vehicle outside my property, I even had a choice of colours.

Lucy Brown
VW Golf - Jan 2019

I have known the senior management of NVG for many years during the course of our business together, upon retiring I lost my company car required a short term vehicle - NVG secured a beautiful BMW X5. I will be sorry to see it go, however I look forward to replacing it with a brand new one.

Michael P
BMW X5 - December 2019

Always easy and simple to deal with.

Mr Yates
Audi Q7 - 2020

Grant is an absolute gem, anyone wants a car him & NVG are the way forward. You have my business always.

Mr M Britland
BMW 3 Series - 2019

I have now had 3 cars from NVG and each time the process has been so smooth and straight forward. Grant and the team are a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him in the future. If you need a lease vehicle these are the guys to speak to.

Mr Shane Chambers
Multiple Vehicles - Current Customer

Great service all the way through, first time I was in contact with Grant he worked magic for me and each time I have since swapped the car over Grant himself and all the team have been brilliant.

Mercedes - 2019

After being messed about from others companies. I managed to get in touch with Grant for a new vehicle. The whole process was smooth and no crazy amount of initial payment. I only payed refunded deposit & I managed to get the vehicle within 15 to 18 days..

Mr McPeter M
Mercedes A Class - 2019

Love the team here - have 4 cars from them and great service!!

Guy Walker
Multiple Cars - June 2019

I have been working with NVG for 2 years and they have consistently provided an excellent service to myself and our fleet of drivers. Knowing that I’m able to rely on Marc and the team to discuss with our drivers their individual requirements, and deal with all the initial negotiation & specification directly with them makes my job significantly easier. For a one stop solution for vehicle requirements I would certainly recommend NVG.

FSTE 250 Company
80 + Vehicles - 2018 - Present