We provide

nationwide delivery

Super fast, super efficient – to your home or place of work. Alternatively you can collect your vehicle from the closest location – the choice is yours.
We give you

a brand new car every year

How exciting is that? You can opt to replace your vehicle like-for-like, or change it for something larger or smaller. Swapping every year also reduces running costs, like tyres, servicing, maintenance and repairs.
We underwrite our own vehicles

so poor credit is not a problem

Every application is considered on its own merits; it certainly isn’t a case of "Computer says no!" The rate remains the same regardless – you’re either accepted or rejected. There is no cost to apply; what have you to lose?
With us there is

No deposit on short term vehicle leasing

MiniLease is simple – the first month’s payment is the same as all the other months! For example, if you opt for a £399 deal, you pay £399 month one, and then £399 every month from there on until the conclusion of the agreement.
With a speedy turnaround

You can have your new car in 2 weeks

Or even sooner! Our FlexiLease products offer a vehicle ‘same day’. Due to the nature of MiniLease and Contract Hire, the vehicles are ‘ordered’ brand new from the manufacturer and can take a little longer to arrive, however we can supply a temporary interim vehicle if required.
We offer the perfect solution for

new start businesses

We understand the complexities surrounding new businesses, and welcome applications. Maybe it’s a car for sales, a van to carry goods, or something special for the directors – every application is considered.